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The performance and application of thermal double-sided adhesive

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2017/07/26 17:09
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Heat-conductive double-sided adhesive We can understand in daily life that most of our electronic products use thermal double-sided adhesive.

Heat-conductive double-sided adhesive We can understand in daily life that most of our electronic products use thermal double-sided adhesive. For example: game consoles, mobile phones, computer motherboards, all kinds of cpu host. Of course, this is only one of the industry. Machinery, food, medical and so on are related to our thermal double-sided adhesive products. We can produce products in the majority of the market occupies a place or product quality is superior. E.g:

1. High thermal conductivity. Super heat transfer, thermal and cooling functions. Thermal conductivity double-sided adhesive thermal conductivity of 0.8-1.0, to solve the heat paste, hot paste difficult to operate, uneven coating, overflow rubber caused by poor product problems.

2.Lide light fades. Because it does not contain volatile substances, such as toluene. So it will not be due to the erosion of volatile substances, resulting in TV backlight, LED and other light failure.

3. anti-aging. Thermal insulation double-sided adhesive work environment is generally in the high fever, high temperature, temperature changes, rich in ultraviolet light. So the requirements of thermal tape must be able to withstand low temperature (-20 ℃ below), high temperature

(+ 120 ℃ above), while resistant to ultraviolet radiation in the perennial. Thermal conductivity of silicon, thermal paste because of the large temperature difference, ultraviolet radiation, generally 1 year after the failure will harden, resulting in lower thermal conductivity

The Such as some of the computer CPU are using silicone thermal conductivity, failure of thermal conductivity of silicone heat dissipation, a direct result of the computer running slowly, crash. Working in a variety of complex environments, it will not lead to lower thermal conductivity.

4. Alternative rivets and other mechanical operations. When the traditional LED assembly by the cost of human resources considerations, reduce the process and improve the product to become the only choice for the LED industry. More and more LED business thinking with thermal double-sided adhesive, to replace the traditional rivets, screws and other mechanical operations, not only play a fixed function and role, but also give full play to the role of thermal double-sided adhesive and function.

5. Vibration reduction function. Thermal double-sided adhesive is in acrylic (acrylic) substrate fully into the air foam made, with shock, shock absorption function.

Because of the excellent thermal performance, radiator, PCB circuit board cooling, to meet the requirements of different customers LED high power light bar, LED lights, TV backlight, backlight module, IC and other products on the bonding. Is widely used in military, computer, communications and communication equipment, consumer electronics, power, automotive electronics, industrial electronics and other industries and fields.

1. As a plastic component of the thermal interface material;

2. Paste in the radiator parts and metal substrate between the use, such as CPU, PCB circuit boards;

3. LED high power light bar, LED lights, TV backlight, backlight modules and other products on the bonding.

4. Other electrical or electrical appliances use heat conduction.

For LED chips and aluminum plate thermal conductivity, to solve the problem of LED lighting fever. For LED chip and radiator thermal connection or plastic components, to solve the heat paste, thermal paste difficult to operate, uneven coating, overflow rubber caused by poor product problems. TV backlight of the two major problems. (Light fading, heat transfer, heat conduction and heat dissipation)

2016, in the face of new requirements and new technical challenges, our thermal double-sided adhesive production will usher in a different change. In today's growing development, we rely not only on technology and quality, service and reputation is also a big competitive advantage. Like a new product, must pass the test of the market, the strength of our company in the accumulation of time, is constantly hoarding progress. In all walks of life with the business cooperation, the accumulation of contacts and credibility. Won the majority of the customer's recognition, in many of the products of superior quality business come to the fore.